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Custom Shop Orders
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Custom Shop Orders


The Custom Order Process
Most inquires we receive for custom work are people looking for general pricing and we are more than happy to give you an estimate based on the information you supply. Generally, we begin by having you send us any pictures, renderings, or sketches of the piece you had in mind. Any information you can provide us about your custom piece including dimensions or measurements will be most helpful during the designing.

Based on information you supply we will create a full size rendering of your custom order and mail it to you for your review. Based on what we learn from the design process we may or may not have to adjust the estimated pricing. These pricing adjustments can be caused from changing the material used/added or significant changes in the design. Once the design has your final approval, the order will go into production.

When your order is finished, it will be placed in a custom crate and along with official OlliN documentation including a certificate of authenticity. Once your order arrives, we hope you’ll enjoy your NEW OlliN Sword Design creation. With your approval we will also create a page for our website showcasing your custom creation for all to see.

Order Timeline
Custom projects may require us to line up new vendors, special materials which can greatly impact our more normal turnaround times. As a result custom orders generally take longer than our production piece to create. The time line for delivery can take up to 24 weeks (6-month) or even longer depending on the design and our work schedule. If you have a specific timeline or need for a custom order, please let us know. We will work with you to meet your schedule.

Costs Structure and Payments Plans
Every custom piece is different and as a result it is difficult to give prospective customers a hard figure plan when determining if we are the right company for your project. Below is a breakdown of what a more typical custom order payment plan looks liked with pricing. Most custom orders start between $1,200 to $1,500 range. Please contact us today about starting your custom order. We would be happy to talk with you about what you are looking for and we can work with getting a more specific quote for your upcoming project.

(full size, paper rendering of the project) - $200.00

Production Deposit
(down payment that is used to start the project) - $800.00

Final Payment
(balance remaining to pay for project) - $500.00

(cost of shipping to your location and packaging) - $50.00

Total Cost of "Typical" Custom Order - $1,550.00

Past Projects
Below are some of our past custom shop projects. We are always working on orders. Check back often and see what's been created.

17th Century Walloon Sword
17th Century Walloon Sword

Draco's Reaper
Draco's Reaper

Fire Emblem
Nintendo Fire Emblem Replica Sword

Type XII
Sempach Type XVII H-1

Type Xa
Type Xa

Viking Age QG5
Viking Age QG5

Wallace-Records Xa1
Wallace-Records Xa1





Cluny Long Sword

full sword



Michonne's Katana


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