Michonne's Katana

Weights & Measurements
Weight: 3 lb 5 oz
Over All Length: 41"
Blade Length: 29"

Width of Blade at Hilt: 1 13/16"
Point of Balance: 2"

Blade: 5160 Steel
Tsuka: Wood core, Ray skin, Leather wrap
Tsuba,Fuchi, Koshira: Nickel Plated Bronze
full sword

I can't begin to say how cool it was to work on this project. I had been a fan of the television show and had started reading the comics a couple of weeks before I was contacted about this project. Kind of a cool coincidence there.

The sword's concept and design were not mine, but a collaboration between the prop master, John Sanders and a final design by Kit Rae.

Be sure to check out season 3 of The Walking Dead to see the sword in action.

helper Ever the helper on my black backdrop... At least he matches the color scheme, and I would much rather have him here than sneaking into the shop and getting coated in steel dust. You can thank him for all of the white hairs and such in my pictures.
Here are some more shots of the hilt. I thought I would wait until the sword got a little more screen time before releasing too many detailed shots.

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